• Who or what is "WiseCat"?

    WiseCat is a business based in Shizuoka, Japan. WiseCat offers consulting services and general help with matters of IT and educational technology. We help with things like managing sites and servers using CMS's  like Moodle or WordPress.

    What does WiseCat do? - We HELP!

    First and foremost, we help. It is a founding principle of the business that people who need help should get help, especially if that results in more people being helped. The types of help range from consulting on projects to server setup and administration, maintenance and admin training to content creation for e-learning platforms. Basically, we help. Sometimes that means referring clients to other businesses where they can get the best help. Perhaps more important than what we do, is what we don't do...

    What does WiseCat NOT do?

      • We do NOT overcharge people or have unnegotiated minimum fees - you pay what you want, when you want.
      • We do NOT lock people into using our services - you're free to take your business elsewhere at any time, and we'll even help you to migrate away.
      • We do NOT run at a loss - the above being all sweet and well, we still do not provide hosting for free or continue to provide services if there is no reciprocity.

    It's pretty simple really, you maintain 100% control over your project and where you take it. Then if you feel gratitude for the help we provide, you might express that gratitude with a gratuity (i.e. arranging to make a payment).


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